Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Art Of Thankfulness.

What a year it's been!  2011 has flown by, and as I look back at some of my favorite memories, I begin to think about thankfulness.  Every company has a bottom line.  They have a goal for that bottom line.  When they reach, they thank themselves.  They say, "Hey!  We did a great job!"   But what about me?  I'm the consumer.  Without me, you would fail.

In the airline and hospitality industries we call it "Loyalty."  Encouraging our customers to stay with us through Points, Miles, and Rewards.  I've been platinum with Marriott for five years.  I achieved my goal of Premier Executive (soon to be Premier Gold) with the new United.  I'm Fastbreak at Budget (yep, I'm cheap).  I'm Premier at Staples.  I've got a Qdoba card, an Office Max Max Perks card, a Best Buy Rewardzone Card, and some rewards card for Toy R Us.  I believe in rewards.  But I really believe in the art of thankfulness.

Over this past year I've made some awesome memories... Memories with Taco Bueno, Boeing, and Marriott.  These are companies that I have begun to develop relationships with.  And all three are companies who have extended their hand to say "thanks."

None of them sent me a gift card (well, I did win Buenohead of the week one week, which comes with a gift card).  None of them sent a stock letter.  Each one of them talked with me.  They said thank you in special way.

CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and "Loyalty Experts", hear this: It is time to say thank you.  Loyalty should not be a strategy... it should be a way of life.

But, hey, I'm just some guy who likes to look at airplanes, so what do I know?