Saturday, July 4, 2015

Why I'm Excited About United p.s. Service in Newark.

I have heard a number of comments about United's recent decision to move p.s. service from New York's JFK airport to Newark Liberty International Airport.  A lot of transcon junkies are not happy about the move.  I am thrilled about it.

I've flown p.s. flights twice.  Each time was an overnight from LAX to JFK.  Each time I needed to connect onward.  With those connections I had to fly from JFK to IAD (on a CRJ200) and then on to my final destination.  I had often wondered why United had not yet moved p.s. service to EWR.

To me, bringing service to Newark only makes sense.  The Newark hub serves over 100 destinations domestically and around the world.  How many more people can then fly the p.s. routes because they can connect?  For me, this is a no brainer.  Secondly, JFK is, in my humble opinion, the most annoying of the New York City airports to get to.  That said, LGA is a lot more difficult to get to.  But Newark can quickly get you into the heart of Manhattan, assuming NJ Transit is running okay (or Amtrak, if you're so inclined).

Image provided by United Air Lines
I do understand the downfall of EWR in the wintertime.  But the New York airspace as a whole is messed up, which is why the FAA is trying so hard to fix it.  But EWR has a certain set of limitations, and it is completely landlocked.  Short of purchasing a third of Elizabeth, NJ and demolishing it, there's no way to build extra runways or fix congestion problems.  But what of the three major New York airports really can grow?  JFK has the best bet, but is one of my least favorite airports.

For a commuter, the idea of International service throughout the U.S. is so great, and to be able to connect easily to other destinations is even better.  Thank you, United, for making this decision.

But, hey, I'm just some guy who likes to look at airplanes, so what do I know?
Also, for those of you who want to "correct" me, I know I have a 757-300 as the picture, and I know that the p.s. flights are served by 757-200 aircraft, I just like the picture.