Thursday, October 5, 2017

FBS College Football: The Power Five Undefeated Teams after Week 5

For those of you who don't know me all that well, I love football.  I'm also very biased on who the best college football team is.  I know that this has very little to do with flying, but I hope you enjoy.

After five weeks of college football, I wanted to share my thoughts on the Power 5 teams that remain undefeated, and talk about when they could probably lose.  Enjoy.

2Clemson is the front-runner to win the ACC. Their remaining schedule only has a few games of note. On November 4th, they play NC State, and on November 11th they play Florida State. Honestly, I really don’t think they have anything left that’s worthy of a real football game. Maybe Wake Forest this weekend. My guess is that Miami wins the Costal Division and then loses to Clemson in the ACC Championship game. Clemson makes it to the final four.

13Miami appears to be the strongest team in the ACC Costal Division, and are the only other undefeated team in the ACC. Although I just picked them to play in the ACC Championship, I give them two more chances to lose. They may lose to Virginia Tech on November 4th but I would put money they lose to Notre Dame on November 11th. If they make it any further without a loss, they will lose to Clemson.

If you look at the Power Five Conferences that have divisions, three of the four have a division that has power and a division that should be in the group of five. That is most-evident in the B1G.
Although 9Wisconsin is currently undefeated and is ranked #9, they won’t stay that way. Their schedule is weak. They have beat Utah State, Lane Kiffin’s Florida Atlantic, the Mormans, and Nortwestern (you know, Chicago’s BIG TEN team). Anyway, the only real game they have is against Michigan on November 18th. Then they’ll get to play again in the BIG TEN Championship game. Yippee.

Ah.. 7Michigan. Yep. They’ll be fine until October 21st when they play Penn State, and then on November 25th a very angry Urban Meyer will bring his stupid optical-nuts to the Big House and Michigan will suffer the same fate it continues to suffer under Jim Hardboiled Egg.

I did a bit of research. The Nittany Lions refer to a group of lions that once roamed Mount Nittany. Nittany is derived from the Algonquian (a group of Native Americans) word Nit-A-Nee, which means “single mountain”, and yet, Mount Nittany actually refers to a mountain-ridge, not just a single mountain. Anyway, 4Penn State is overrated. Saquon Barkley is overrated (and should not win the Heisman). Penn State loses to Michigan on October 21st and falls to Ohio State the next week on October 28th.

Oh, and now a stupid picture of Lane Kiffin:
I don’t have a real reason for sharing that. I just found it while I was looking up the stuff for Wisconsin. He looks stupid. He is failing without the Cheater, Nick Saban.

Here’s how FAU is doing:


Good job, Lane. Remember that time you got left on the tarmac and asked to not board the plane…
Moving on.

Do you even know what a Ute is? Mostly, they are named after the Ute tribe, so something many would consider racist. However, I prefer the “Ute” used in Australia or New Zealand. A Ute is an abbreviation for “CoupĂ© Utility” or… one of these:

That right there is a Holden (owned by General Motors) Ute. Their tagline for the Ute? “Developed for Doing.” The top of the line Ute comes with a 6.2 Litre V8 Engine. You know, for when you want to pretend you’re cool while driving the dumbest looking car in the world. Anywho, the Ute SSV Redline with an automatic transmission will run you AUD$61,721 or about $48,319 here in the states. I have about as much respect for the 20Utah Utes as I do for whatever idiot buys that hunk of junk car. They have to beat Standford, USC, Oregon, UCLA, Washington State, Washington, and Colorado before they can claim being undefeated. They’re toast.

God love Mike Leach. The last time they beat a top 5 team was in 1992. The last time they beat USC was in 2002. So, after beating USC he was asked about the party going on at the stadium. His response? “It’s like Woodstock, except everybody’s got their clothes on.” God love that man. 11Washington State still has their real games ahead, because let’s be honest… the only team they’ve beat… almost lost to Texas.

That leaves us with the one team that most of the “experts” believe is the only team from the PAC-12 that has a chance to make it to the Playoff: 6Washington. Their schedule is favorable. They’ve got two teams ahead of them who have both lost to San Diego State. They get Utah at home, and the only real challenge is Washington State. The only chance I see them getting all the way to the final four is if they beat USC in the Championship, but still…

5Georgia. They will lose to Alabama. The rest of the SEC sucks. The only other team they play who has a chance at them: Auburn. (Note that Georgia will play two ranked teams before meeting Bama in the SEC Championship, Auburn and Florida.) ROLLLL TIDE! Let’s look at 1Alabama’s really hard schedule; Florida State… uh huh. Fresno State, Colorado State, Vandy, Ole Miss, A&M, Arkansas, Tennessee, LSU (who did they just lose to? Oh, that’s right… Troy. I bet they’re glad they got rid of Les.), Mississippi State, The mighty Mercer Bears from the FCS [as a side note, Mercer is 2-3 overall having lost to #10 Wofford 27-28, 15Auburn 10-24, and unranked ETSU 23-26(OT)], and finishing off with Auburn. So Bama will play two ranked teams, one at a neutral site, the other at Auburn, and is ranked #1. Yep. Roll Tide.

That leaves the BIG 12…
8TCU has one real win in my mind. So far they beat JK State, Arkansas (who is a real powerhouse this year), SMU, and Oklahoma State. Now, OSU is a “Big Win” because it was a road game against the number 6 team. But does that surprise us at all? For an OU fan… not really. I’ve said it a bunch before… it’s the Poke Choke. But how does the rest of their season look? They have West Virginia at home, play at Kansas State, KU at home, at Iowa State (Saturday game), Texas at Home, at Oklahoma, at Texas Tech, and Baylor at home. If they win out, sure. Send them to the Playoff. But… will they?

At the start of the Season the FPI predicted that Ohio State had the best chance of going undefeated. Who was number two? OU. Who has the best shot now? Clemson. In fact, in the most recent FPI Ranking, it’s Clemson, Bama, then OU. Keep on doubting, ESPN, I dare you. You’re just adding fuel to Baker’s fire. 3Oklahoma will go all the way.

Here’s something from tonight I want to share:

That’s Heather Dinich. She’s the main reporter for the CFP Committee. Tonight her top four:
  1. Clemson
  2. Alabama
  3. Oklahoma
  4. TCU

Remember, she knows that committee better than anyone else. Buy, hey, I'm just some guy who likes to look at airplanes, so what do I know?