Places I've Been

One thing I love to see where people have been, and I'm not overly found of that "Places I've Been" app on Facebook.  So, this is my take on it.

Places I've Been In 2011
When? Where? Why?
2/12/11 Columbus, NE I spoke at the Nebraska Independent Automobile Dealers Association Annual Convention. My topics included: FTC Privacy Policies, Risk Based Pricing, and Social Media and Marketing.
2/11/11 OMA - Omaha, NE I traveled to Omaha en route to Columbus, NE
1/29-30/11 GGG - Longview, Texas My wife's family and I traveled to Longview, TX to visit her brother and sister-in-law.  I got to fly my first IFR flight on that trip.  I shot a VOR approach in to DUC.  That was quite the experience!

1/21/11 MDT - Harrisburg, PA I traveled to Harrisburg to meet with @airport_girl to discuss and view the Harrisburg International Airport.
Don't forget to view my blog about the airport, click here to view!
January Norman, OK I Live There!

Places I've Been In 2010

When? Where? Why?
11/5-7/10 ORD - Chicago, IL I traveled to Chi Town for a business meeting, but got to swing by Boeing's headquarters! What a blast!

11/2/10 IAH - Houston, TX I traveled to Houston for a One On One Consultation with an Auto Dealer.
10/21-23/10 SMF - Sacramento, CA Sacramento was a great trip, not only did I speak at the Independent Automobile Dealers Association of California, but I also got to meet @juliewillfly.   
9/30-10/2/10 Lake Tahoe I went to the Tahoe Tech Talk to listen to @garyvee and others talk about Tech Startups.  What an interesting trip that was.  Very informative.

9/21-25/10 MCI - Kansas City My Photography company did the event photography for the EWI (Executive Women International) LCAM conference.  I got to see a TWA Connie, which was pretty cool.  The photo is a view from my room.
9/13-15/10 SEA - Seattle My trip to SEATAC started with speaking at the Washington State Independent Automobile Dealers Association.  But on the 14th I got to spend some good time visiting the Future of Flight, going on the Boeing Factory Tour (a MUST for any #avgeek), and visiting the Museum of Flight.  What a great trip that was!  I also got to see my third Concorde in person!

9/11-12/10 LAX - LA Area I drove to LA from Vegas while shooting a music video for Maggie McClure.   We spent time in Malibu, LA, Burbank, and Hollywood.  
9/9-10/10 LAS - Vegas & the Grand Canyon My friend, Zach, and I traveled to Vegas and then drove to the Grand Canyon with a very talented musical artist, Maggie McClure to shoot more for her "Good Morning and Good Night" music video.

8/29-30/10 LGA - New York City The first of a few trips with Maggie McClure and Zach to shoot Maggie's Good Morning and Good Night music video. It was a very quick trip and I was able to visit all three NYC area airports.  Not bad.
8/25-26/10 AUS - Buda, TX This was a One On One Consultation with a car dealer in Buda, Texas.  Flew Southwest.  
8/15-16/10 MFE - McAllen, TX This was my first One On One Consultation with an Auto Dealer.   
7/18-25/10 ROAD TRIP!
A Summer Road Trip with my wife was wonderful.  Of course, it was work related.  I spoke at the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association Convention in San Antonio, and then at the Alabama Independent Automobile Dealers Association Convention in Panama City Beach, Florida.  It was a fun trip and good to spend a week on the road with my wife.  Sadly, though, I didn't get any United miles for the trip.  But I did get  a number of Marriott points!  
6/15-18/10 LAS - Las Vegas This was a trip to the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association Annual Convention at Caesar's Palace.  It was also my first trip to Vegas, and what a trip it was!  
6/1-3/10 Moving Day.
It was time to leave Elizabeth, New Jersey.  My wife, Zach and I made the 1453 mile, three day trip from Elizabeth, NJ to Harrisburg, PA to St. Louis, MO to Oklahoma City.  It was a fast packing job and a long move with a Ford Explorer, a Nissan Titan pulling a U-Haul Trailer, and a U-Haul truck.  What a trip.  This picture was taken by Zach Wincik while we were in the process of loading up from our house in Jersey.

Photo by Zach Wincik

5/19-29/10 Hawaii, baby.
Although I've been to Hawaii many times, this was the first trip for my wife.  The photo below is her seeing the pacific ocean from Maui for the first time.
  I know, I know, the sun was bright.  We spent a few days in Maui and then spent the rest of our time in Kauai.  I love the islands of Hawaii.  I can't wait to get back.  
5/6/10 Wallingford, CT My wife and I traveled to see our favorite band ever... Angels and Airwaves. I had an amazing moment with Tom Delonge.
5/2-4/10 SMF/LAX I traveled from EWR to SMF and then SMF to LAX, and then back to EWR.  I spoke at two Social Media Seminars put on by my company ADR Consulting.
4/25-5/1/10 OKC - Oklahoma City This trip to Oklahoma was two fold, first I spoke at a Social Media Seminar in Tulsa for ADR Consulting.  Second, I needed to introduce my friend Zach to Taco Bueno.
4/19/10 Fredericksburg, VA I drove with a few of my business partners to Fredericksburg to speak at a Social Media Seminar that we put on for the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

There is more to come from 2010 and earlier! Enjoy!