Monday, April 23, 2012

50 Things I Love About Taco Bueno

I was laying in bed last night.  Thinking.  Thinking about what makes a company great.  Things went through my head like "Profits", "Business Strategy", and "Execution".  But the more I thought about it.  I realized that truly makes a company great is what people love about that company.  So, over the next few weeks I'm going to work on what I love about..... And we start with no other than the 50 things I Love About Taco Bueno.

  1. Ground Beef cooked fresh daily.  
  2. Fresh fried taco shells every morning.
  3. Fresh fried pita bread (for Muchacos) as needed.
  4. Fresh fried chips daily.  
  5. Fresh fried mexi-bowls daily.
  6. Fresh fried potato sticks every few hours.
  7. Fresh fried Taco Salad shells every morning.
  8. Ed.
  9. Tamiko.
  10. Nicki.
  11. OKC #5
  12. Norman #1
  13. Norman #2
  14. A Social Media Strategy that involves actually talking to me.  
  15. Elisabeth.
  16. Shredded Cheese that wasn't made out of cardboard.
  17. Original Red made fresh daily.
  18. Portion cups that a big enough to dip a chip in.
  19. Queso. (Made Fresh)
  20. Fresh, hand-made, Guacamole (Every few hours).
  21. Refried beans that slow simmered for a full 12 hours in the store where you eat them. 
  22. Two Handed Tacos (I miss these)
  23. Popcorn Chicken Bacon Burritos (which were around when they introduced Bueno Combos)
  24. Bueno Combos
  25. Muchacos (pita bread should be soft and fluffy)
  26. #buenoheads
  27. Taco Bueno Headquarters
  28. Cheese Cake Chimichangas
  29. Bueno Chillers (solo una bumpa)
  30. Dr. Pepper
  31. Fruit Smoothies
  32. Eight Tomatoes on Every Taco.
  33. Beef B.O.B. (Big 'Ole Burrito)
  34. The classic Taco Bueno Logo (which still lives on in a few stores)
  35. The new store design (which I would love to see everywhere)
  36. Slowly, but smartly, growing into new territories
  37. Fresh Chili Sauce
  38. Fajitas.
  39. Fresh, Flame Grilled, Fajita Meat
  40. A Chief Chef who actually went to culinary school
  41. A Chief Buenohead who cares about the brand, the food, and the integrity of the company.
  42. The integrity of the company.
  43. Beef Nacho Salad
  44. Bueno Chilada Platter
  45. Cheese Enchiladas
  46. Cinnamon Chips
  47. The Buenohead Club
  48. @taco_bueno
  49. Buenohead of the week
  50. Everything is made fresh, when you order it.  The highest standards are met every time I visit.
Okay, so that's 50 things.  There are another 50 (at first I wanted to write 1,000 things I loved) or more!  What is it that you love about Taco Bueno?

If you run your own business, what is it that your customers love about what you do?

But, hey, I'm just some guy who likes to look at airplanes, so what do I know?