Sunday, March 13, 2011

BoeingFan - the 747-8i

There's nothing more exciting than the first flight of a new airplane.  I can imagine that Orville and Wilbur shared a true moment of pur excitement when their "wheels" first left the ground.  It is a common thought that "man has always dreamed of flight" and the Wright brothers had grabbed hold of that dream and made it a reality.

Image © Boeing
In a week (if everything goes well), The Boeing Company will once again experience the feeling of first flight.  The 747-8i is almost ready to take to the skies.  It's sister, the 747-8f, has already flown around 1,600 flight hours, leading the way for the first flight on the 747-8i.

It should come as no surprise that I am eagerly awaiting the first flight of the 747-8i.   There are two main reasons I'm eager to see this beautiful aircraft fly.

First, the 747 is an icon.  While the other major airframer is just now getting around to a real jumbo jet, Boeing has been producing this double decker aircraft since 1969.  By updating the 747 with this major overhaul, Boeing is reminding the world of its place as the premier air manufacturer.  Boeing is also creating a major improvement to the 747's fuel economy to help further its life in the airline world.

The second reason I am eager to see the first flight is because the 747 has long since been my favorite aircraft.  I won't lie, I had a love affair with Concorde, but what #avgeek didn't have that love affair?  The truth is I have always wanted to land a 747.  I think there is nothing more elegant that the landing of a 747 and I would love to see it from the cockpit.

So, get yourselves ready for the first flight of the 747-8i!

But, hey, I'm just some guy who likes to look at airplanes, so what do I know?


Cubrooski said...

I think every #avgeek had a love affair with the Concord. That was a smooth airplane that just looked really awesome. It carried a superb safety record, and got you where you needed to go in a hurry. As for the 747 I think it's a symbol of commercial aviation. I remember growing up and even until today, when someone mentions flying the first thought in my head is the 747. Great blog you got here, thanks for sharing and I can't wait to read more.

lourdes.l.mansfield said...
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