Saturday, June 8, 2013

Earn More Rewards With United

As you all know, I'm Premier Platinum member (Not far from 1K, after a lot of work) in United's Mileage Plus loyalty program.  But did you also know I'm earning even more rewards using United's PerksPlus?  I work with several people and all of us travel.  Since all but one of my team flies United (the other person flies Don't Ever Leave The Airport), it became advantageous to see if there was any way my company could be earning valuable miles.  The answer: United PerksPlus.

United's PerksPlus is a revenue based system where points are accrued based on the revenue to either a hub (1 point per dollar) or a non-hub (2 points per dollar).  What can those points get me?  Free flights, free status (up to Premier Gold), United Club passes, and more!

Now I'm not only earning miles for my flights, but I'm also earning points from my entire team's travel. But is that it?  Of course not!  I am also a member of the Club.

The Club has a $25 per year membership fee.  For each flight I fly that I booked on, United gives me $5 in my Travel Bank.  If I book 100 flights on and fly all of those trips, I'm going to earn $500 in my Travel Bank!

So, with some simple steps, I'm earning miles, points, and dollars!  Not to mention I use MileagePlus shopping, MileagePlus Dining, and more!  Make sure you look into these options so that you continue to earn the most miles and points that can be used for reward travel on United and Star Alliance Partners.

But, hey, I'm just some guy who likes to look at airplanes, so what do I know?  (I know I'm flying to Hawaii for free thanks to the above steps!)

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